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My name is Anoux Amiee' Massey and I am the founding member of PETS. I am 31 years old, live in Gordon's Bay, originally coming from Pretoria.

I am married and my beautiful daughter Paris Ayden Massey was born this year in 21 April. Our fury children are Ulla, Slade, Titan, JJ, Liebe, McGinty, Taya, Leerbankie, Sushi, Rooi, Blou,Pierreviet and Chocolate.

When I was 28 I published my first book called Demon Lover / Donker Liefde. It is my autobiography and about my life as a heroin addict and how a dog changed it all and saved my life.

My second book, Slumdog Guttercat was published in November 2010.