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Team JHB

team nicole

Hi my name is Nicole Badenhorst. I have always been extremely passionate about animals and recently it has come to feel more like a life calling. I have always grown up with animals and a year ago rescued a kitten found in a storm water drain. He is more than just a cat to me - he is like my son. I have also subsequently adopted a 3 legged cat, Simon, from PETS CT.

Working with PETS has been the most rewarding experience I have had to date and my dream is to one day have my own animal welfare organization and dedicate my life to helping those who cannot help themselves. There is no greater feeling to know that you are making a difference in at least one animal's life. Having the love of an animal makes you feel like the richest person in the world.


Hi my name is Katherine Matthews. I started off as a foster parent for PETS. My first foster dog, Bobby, came to me from a township. She was malnourished and neglected and had 7 dead puppies inside of her. After much love and care, she soon started to come out her shell and turned into the most magnificent, confident girl. Thereafter, I knew this would be my life calling,  always seeming to take in the really sick ones. Working with PETS by going into the townships on a weekly basis, doing spayathons, providing daily meals, vet care, housing etc  has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Seeing the difference you can make in the lives of  these township animals is amazing and so worth it. Apart from fostering, I also have many other pets of my own including bearded dragons, lizzards, snakes and parrots. Everyone gets along!

team laura

Hi my name is Laura Whittaker. I am 25 years old and live in Morningside Sandton. I have always had a very strong love for animals and from when I was a little girl everyone thought I would become a vet as I would care so greatly for every animal I met. I now have 4 dogs and 4 cats that are my babies and I am studying dog training and behaviour.

I recently rescued an extremely sick puppy from orange farm. I had taken him to 3 vets who all told me he had such bad liver failure that there was no chance for him to overcome it. Despite the odds- his liver regenerated and he is now a healthy pup who I have adopted. It has been the most rewarding experience to watch him get better and become the happy, healthy dog he is today. I love being a part of PETS and being able to make a difference in animals lives.